Welcome to Speak Well Spoken English Institute.  Our journey was started in the year 2006 in S R Nagar, Hyderabad. In the beginning it was named as ‘M S REDDY STUDY CIRCLE’.  In November 2006 it was renamed as SPEAK WELL SPOKEN ENGLISH INSTITUTE, with the inspiration of sleep-well mattress. First time we have noticed the importance of separating batches for basic Spoken English  and advanced Spoken English Since the incorporation around 15000 students/professionals were trained to Speak English fluently without any hesitation.



Here at Speak Well Spoken English we have a unique, tailor-made programes to suite each and every individual’s needs in the upcoming global market.

Assessment test is conducted in the beginning to know the standards of the individuals.

Special focus on Telugu medium students, Home-makers, Job-seekers.


Mr. M S REDDY  MA, B Ed., Director and Trainer has been in the field of teaching SPOKEN ENGLISH, INTERVIEW SKILLS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT,PUBLIC SPEAKING CLASSES in various schools, colleges, coaching centers in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka states.










Any language lives and grows like a living organism responding to its environment.It displays the same qualities as a living cell growing,responding, adjusting, evolving and sometimes mutating.  As time become nearer and communication was taken over by the machines  (type-writers, computers and mobiles), English language also had to react with shorter expressions.  As the impact of the new world is great the impact of the new technology is greater.  Communication through machines require more compact and less ambiguity.

The language of today is called “cyberdom language”and is a complex of symbols and numbers, leaving a reader to guess than to simply read.  You are not alone in your world.  You are good when people recognize  you to be good.  To reach to the people you need to communicate.  And to reach the people effectively you need to communicate effectively.  Therefore, language plays a vital role in communication.